Yuriko Kamaru Absorbs The Aspirations of The East Timbuolo Community

 Yuriko Kamaru Absorbs The Aspirations of The East Timbuolo Community

timurpost.id - Member of the Gorontalo Provincial DPRD Yuriko Kamaru absorbed the aspirations of the community during a recess in East Timbuolo Village, Botupingge District, Monday (11/15/2021).

During the recess, Yuriko received various aspirations from residents, ranging from Infrastructure, Empowerment to Provincial Government policies that were asked to be pro-people.

Yuriko said that the absorption of aspirations is part of the responsibility of a member of the legislature. Complaints that are submitted will be accommodated which will then be filtered into the main ideas of the DPRD.

"I will accommodate all the aspirations of the people and I will fight for it," Yuriko said.

But Yuriko continued, she would not make promises, because that would open up the space and time to lie. However, the point is that the aspirations and complaints of citizens will continue to be fought for.

"As long as I can speak, I will fight for whatever rights the people have," Yuriko concluded.

The Botupingge Sub-District Head, East Timbuolo Village Head, West Panggulo Village Head and the police were also present on the occasion.