Prabowo Reprimanded Fadli Zon During his Criticism of President Jokowi

 Prabowo Reprimanded Fadli Zon During his Criticism of President Jokowi - The General Chair of the Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto, reprimanded Fadli Zon for insinuating Jokowi about the flood in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan. The warning was considered reasonable because Fadli Zon did not show the attitude of the coalition party.

"As a coalition party, there must be coalition discipline, and what Fadli Zon does in my opinion does not represent the spirit of coalition discipline, that's why we get the term review from the general chairman," said CSIS researcher, Arya Fernandes, to reporters, Sunday (11/14/2020). 2021).

"I think it's a natural thing that Pak Prabowo does to maintain relations between coalition parties, yes. Moreover, Pak Prabowo is part of the government, I think," he continued, quoted by detikcom.

According to Arya, coalition parties must show attitudes and behaviors that support the government. Including, political statements expressed by coalition party cadres.

"As a coalition partner, of course, political behavior, attitudes and statements must at least represent the spirit of the coalition," he said.

Furthermore, Arya said Prabowo's warning to Fadli Zon was also to maintain good relations towards the presidential election. Because, said Arya, Jokowi has a voice that can influence the 2024 presidential candidates.

"And indeed Pak Prabowo is also aware that after all Pak Jokowi is still a factor that is taken into account by the candidates in the upcoming Pilrpes, it is calculated that means that every movement of Pak Jokowi will affect the public vote, because at least he still has very loyal voters around 25 percent. , it's a big number for candidates," he said.