Karawo Embroidery and Natural Fiber Commodities Featured in Gorontalo City

timurpost.id - Gorontalo city is known for its culture and crafts, one of which is Karawo embroidery. This craft has existed in Gorontalo since the 17th century from the colonial era to the present.

Karawo embroidery is one of the characteristics of the original work of the Gorontalo area and has become one of the leading commodities. Karawo also has the value of regional identity and culture from generation to generation.

This was conveyed by the Mayor of Gorontalo, Marten Taha during training activities on karawo packaging techniques, Karawo embroidery, making souvenirs, and natural fiber crafts, which took place at the Aston Hotel Gorontalo City, Monday (15/11/2021).

Gorontalo Mayor Marten Taha said karawo was in great demand by many people, both from within and outside the country. Craftsmanship, good quality, and the beauty of the motif is what makes Karawo more attractive.

"This Karawo embroidery generally only decorates certain parts of the clothing as an addition to the harmony of its use so that it looks more beautiful and attractive," said Marten.

Besides Karawo embroidery, continued Marten, there are also natural fiber crafts from water hyacinth developed by the Gorontalo people. The water hyacinth is used as a material for handicrafts, paper making and as a basic material for compost and animal feed.

"Since karawo and water hyacinth embroidery have become superior commodities, there needs to be maximum development," he concluded.