Fadli Zon Fasting Twitter after Prabowo's reprimand

 Fadli Zon Fasting Twitter after Prabowo's reprimand

timurpost.id - It's been a week since a member of the House of Representatives from the Gerindra Faction, Fadli Zon, has been fasting for speech on social media after being reprimanded by Gerindra's Ketum Prabowo Subianto. How is Fadli Zon now?

One of Fadli Zon's colleagues, Said Didu, had time to communicate with Fadli Zon. He said Fadli Zon was in fine condition.

"I only communicated via WhatsApp and only asked about the situation in question, he said he was fine," said Said Didu via short message to detikcom, Sunday (11/21/2021).

Said said the content of his conversation with Fadli Zon through the messaging application was only about asking for news. To Said Didu, Fadli Zon admitted that he would remain enthusiastic.

"And declare God willing, will keep the spirit," he said.

Fadli Zon's silence is known to have started when he quipped about the Sintang flood, when President Jokowi was directly testing the Mandalika Circuit in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (KEK), Central Lombok, NTB. The satire led to a reprimand from the Gerindra Party.

Even the chairman of Gerindra himself, Prabowo Subianto, who reprimanded Fadli Zon for his satirical actions against Jokowi.

"He has been given a warning and we also apologize if the statement causes inconvenience," said the spokesman for the Gerindra Party, Habiburokhman, last Saturday (13/11).

"Pak Prabowo through the Secretary General," he continued.

Since then, Fadli Zon, who used to actively voice criticism, either directly or via social media, has been silent. Fadli Zon was last seen tweeting on November 13 or before he received a warning.

He then replied to the news by tweeting 'Deforestation is real'. At that time, Fadli Zon had time to retweet a netizen upload about the Lampung terrorist.